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Talk Session Proposal – Digital Humanities & Digital Art – Artists, Humanists, Boundary Crossing, and Educational Practice

Co-Organized by Ann Pegelow Kaplan

As discussions of digital humanities grow, along with interdisciplinary teaching practices in digital fabrication and critical making, how do these intersect with digital art the creative use of digital tools? Universities and colleges are increasingly instituting maker spaces, installing software, and buying studio tools such as 3D Printers. What is the relationship of these tools and spaces to studio art departments? How do we enable better collaboration between those with design and fabrication training and those who are exploring new frontiers in their fields? This session will both explore the practical logistics of maker tools and spaces – and consider the role of digital arts within digital humanities. Co-organizers plan to create a session publication with participants focusing on the overarching issues, disciplinary intersections, and the pragmatics of digital humanities and digital arts.

(This is a modified version of the original proposal)