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Proposal for a session in which you offer to teach a skill, either a “hard” skill or a “soft” skill.

TEACH session proposal: mobile 3D scanning

I would like to propose a TEACH session for mobile 3D scanning.  Using a laptop and inexpensive software, a Kinect sensor can be made to function as an inexpensive and portable 3D scanner. Using a Structure Sensor Scanner, an iPad Air and several free apps, a range of people, objects and spaces can be 3D scanned without electronic tethers.  3D scans produced by these devices can be readily manipulated in widely available 3D software.  I would like to teach a small group of curious colleagues how to capture 3D scans using mobile technology.

I am using these technologies in my studio practice and am interested to share and swap techniques with other artists who may also be exploring these tools.  I would like to effectively teach these skills to students in the context of studio art courses.  A brainstorming session to produce ideas for studio art assignments that incorporate 3D scanning techniques will end this session.

Darren Douglas Floyd will teach this session.  A small group of participants will learn these techniques using my own equipment.

Teach Session – Creative Coding 101

I am open to teaching or co-teaching a 2-3 hour workshop that would be for beginners and non-coders to get their hands dirty and have some fun learning the basics of computer coding with a focus on the visual and interactive. I could teach it in Processing or in P5.js

I have been teaching creative coding to artists and designers for over 8 years so we can adjust on the fly to explore some things together depending on the interests of the attendees.