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Announcements and instructions from the organizers about THATCamp logistics.

Fill out your Profile!

Hi everyone. We are almost ready to begin THATCamp at CAA 2015! We encourage you to fill out your Profile and upload a photo on our site. Just log in and then click on your name in the upper-right corner and select Edit My Profile to edit your details. Safe travels and see you soon!

Talk Session Proposal

I’m interested in leading a group conversation to discuss the current Guidelines for Faculty Teaching New-Media Arts that is published by CAA, and can be found here:; the context for this discussion is that I am a current member of CAA’s Professional Practice Committee (PPC) and leading a team of 8 (including myself) on a two-year process to redevelop the existing guidelines.

In year one (Feb. 2013-14) – we are surveying the field, interviewing a number of stakeholders, and additionally, we would like to hold a forum / discussion at CAA to gain further input and raise awareness. In year two (Feb 2014-15) – the team of 8 will expand to 12~14 and the analysis, distillation, and writing process will commence.  It is our hope to submit updated guidelines for ratification at the May 2016 CAA board meeting.  Thus far, we remain on schedule.

Its incredibly important to hear from individuals working at all ends of the spectrum, at all levels of academic rank and administration, from professionals whose research is within, intersecting with, and adjacent to the field.

-Paul Catanese


THATCamp College Art Association 2015

The College Art Association is pleased to announce that the third THATCamp CAA will take place Monday and Tuesday, February 9-10, 2015, just before the annual CAA Conference. Registration is free, and anyone may register. We especially encourage artists to attend this year’s THATCamp CAA.

THATCamp CAA 2014, associated with College Art Association’s annual meeting in Chicago, raised awareness about the new tools and methods available for research in the visual arts and architecture. We hope a third THATCamp CAA in 2015 will continue this process by expanding the community to include new media and digital art, thus embracing a broader community reflective of CAA’s membership that will include artists, designers, scholars, historians, theoreticians, librarians, educators, and students.

As with all THATCamps, the focus will be on a community-generated set of proposed topics. Given this year’s focus on new media and digital art, we especially encourage proposals from individuals or groups who would like to demonstrate, as well as discuss ,digital making techniques within the context of artistic and academic practices.

We hope that THATCamp CAA 2015 will help move the disciplines of art and art history forward into the digital age by increasing awareness of existing digital projects, by creating a community of artists and scholars interested in digital methods, providing hands-on training in digital tools, and raising awareness of non-traditional career paths for digitally-minded studio art and art history professionals.

As in 2014, CAA will schedule a THATCamp follow-up session as part of the formal CAA program that will include a debriefing from THATCamp participants and organizers. THATCamp CAA narratives and session responses will also be posted to the CAA web site as post-conference proceedings.

Registration will open in October 2015.