DigiHuman Lab: art project demo or talk

Art project demo or talk on the DigiHuman Lab: I am a sculptor, professor of fine art and an advisor at the DigiHuman Lab at Rutgers University. This newly created laboratory is in the Department of Computer Science is currently accepting applications for project-based works that need technical support in the field of computer vision.

I will be attending THATCamp on Tuesday 2/10 and would be happy to do an art project demo or talk on the work currently taking place at the lab. In 2014, the lab participated in a large study comparing digitally archived paintings, successfully documenting unknown connections between individual works and artists: hyperallergic.com/145584/seeing-art-history-with-machine-eyes/

The lab and I are currently co-authoring multiple artworks. One of these projects, titled Listening Stations for Birds that Play Human Music, entails programming a sort of Pandora Radio for birds. This artwork seeks to consider what type of human produced music is most favored by our avian co-habitants. The DigiHuman lab is also supporting the computer vision component ofThe IndaPlant Project: An Act of Trans-Species Giving. This artwork has produced floraborgs, which are light-sensing robotic supports for houseplants. These entities utilize machine learning to allow potted plants to roam freely in a domestic environment, in search of sunlight and water (vimeo.com/90457796). The DigiHuman Lab can be found at sites.google.com/site/digihumanlab

All my best, Eliz Demaray