Teach Session – Creative Coding 101

I am open to teaching or co-teaching a 2-3 hour workshop that would be for beginners and non-coders to get their hands dirty and have some fun learning the basics of computer coding with a focus on the visual and interactive. I could teach it in Processing or in P5.js

I have been teaching creative coding to artists and designers for over 8 years so we can adjust on the fly to explore some things together depending on the interests of the attendees.

2 Responses to Teach Session – Creative Coding 101

  1. That would be fabulous! I think most of the sessions are only 50 minutes long, but if people are interested, two slots could be allotted to this.

    I’ve heard great things about Processing as a language. Sounds like an uber-geeky programming language to me — I’m much more PHP (I know, it’s a scripting language) or maybe Ruby on Rails or Python, myself.