Talk session proposal – student e-journal publishing

I’m interested in hosting a session on the use of web publishing in the classroom, specifically in the format of multimedia e-journals. I’m teaching a course next term where my class will be co-editing an online e-journal using WordPress, so I plan to share the course structure and demo our site, and hope to get feedback and maybe generate some brainstorming on best practices for facilitating and producing collaborative student publications online.

4 Responses to Talk session proposal – student e-journal publishing

  1. Thanks, Amanda! Great suggestion. Scalar seems powerful in some ways, but in terms of overall UI and presentation, it still seems a lot less flexible/intuitive than WordPress. This would be a great topic to discuss further — what are the tradeoffs of CMSs that give you fancy visuals vs. the ability to do awesome stuff with videos? I do love Scalar’s tagging, paths, and annotations …

  2. I’d be interested in this session–especially hearing how you’ve structured the course and thinking of ways to encourage collaboration among students who might have diverse skills and knowledges. I’d also be interested in thinking how such web-based publishing projects could be integrated in a variety of teaching contexts. I was really impressed by this project discussed in JiTP (link below) and how it might be adapted to classes in art history/writing/criticism

    • Virginia, that’s an awesome resource, thanks! I think it really clearly points to the question of *why* to do a project like this. I asked my class last night and got some interesting answers … definitely fruitful directions for discussion!